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The General Assembly of the members of IAADS is the highest deliberative body of the association.
When it is regularly convened and constituted it represents all the members and the resolutions adopted by it legitimately apply to all members, whether they agree or not.
The General Assembly should be convened by the Executive Board normally during the World Championships. Members can only attend the regular and special meetings of IAADS if they have paid the current membership fee.

Minute of the last General Assembly: Bloemfontein 2015.11.25

The duties of the Executive Board:
a) to decide upon applications for admission of members;
b) to approve the annual balance-sheet;
c) to fix the dates of General Assemblies of members to be held at least once every two years and to convene an extraordinary general assembly if it considers it necessary or is requested by members;
d) to draw any procedure relating to social approval by the General Assembly of members;
e) to adopt measures for the exclusion of members if necessary;
f) to implement the goals contained in the Statute and the implementation of decisions of the General Meeting;
g) to approve the calendar of international events;
h) to appoint committees and assign tasks.

Members of the Executive Board of IAADS

Minute of the last Executive Board meeting: Sheffield, 2015.04.11

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