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Technical Rules

Athlete's registration
The athletes with Down Syndrome are divided into two "sport classes" to ensure competition is fair and equal:
1st Class: "T21" = Down Syndrome Trisomy 21
2nd Class "Mosaic" = Mosaic Down Syndrome.
All athletes participating in the competitions must be registered by SUDS and must appear in the "master list" published on your website.
The registration must be requested on the appropriate form and must be accompanied by payment of € 15 (Euro) for athlete.
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Technical rules (update 2021)
According to rules of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation's) with the following IAADS adaptations:
 1. The number of athletes per event by nation is open, but only a maximum of 3 will be qualified for the Final;
 2. There will be no penalty for those athletes that don’t achieved the minimum performance during the competition;
 3. Starting blocks will not be used in sprint event, although the standing start is also allowed;
 4. The Sprint races (100m & 200m) will be run by Preliminary Rounds with a maximum of 8 athletes per race, in different lanes;
 5. 400m race will be run only in 1 lane, as used in middle distance races;
 6. In 400m, 800m and 1.500m race events there will be Direct Finals by Heats (Times);
 7. In Walk Race events, it’s not allowed to run! Race walking is a progression of steps with a permanent contact with the ground.
     If the athlete doesn’t apply that rule and runs hostens he will be disqualified by a direct Red Card or Paddle.
     When 3 Yellow penalties are shown by 3 different Judges, the athlete is disqualified with a Red Card;
 8. In Long Jump event, the Take-off Board shall be a rectangular white and measure 50cm wide and shall be placed nearest (0.5 to 1m)
     of the beginning of landing area,
 9. In Relay Races the additional 10m balance zone will not be used by the athletes. Only the 20mTake-over Zone will apply,
10. In Track events the Preliminary rounds will have a maximum of 8 athletes per race. In Field events a maximum of 12 athletes are
     allowed for a Final,
11. In the Preliminary rounds there will different sets of symbolic medals for the first 3 classified,
12. First 3 placed in the Finals will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals,

Team Competition
 1. According to the IAADS guidelines and in order to encourage nations to participate, the IAADS World and Regional Championships
     will also have a total Team Competition, including athletes from both genders (male plus female).
 2. In the Team Competition the best 8 classified athletes in the Finals will get points according the placement (8 points for 1st placed, 7       points for 2nd placed, aso till 1 point to the 8 th placed).
 3. All participant nations are eligible for the Team Competition.
 4. The Best 3 Nations by the total number of points will be awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places Trophies.

list for the weights of all the equipment used :
Shot put : 4kg male, 3kg female
Discus : 1kg male, 0,75kg female
Jevelin : 600gr male, 400gr female

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