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Technical rules


According to the rules of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation’s), with the following IAADS adaptations:
The number of athletes per event by nation is open, but only a maximum of 3 will be qualified for the Final;
2. There will be no penalty for those athletes that don’t achieved the minimum performance during the competition;
The use of Starting blocks in sprint races (100m and 200m) is allowed. Although this the athletes can still use a standing start;
4. The Sprint races – 100m and 200m will be run by Preliminary Rounds with a maximum of 8 athletes per race, in different lanes;
400m race will be run only in 1 lane, as used in middle distance races;
6. In 400m, 800m and 1.500m race events there will be Direct Finals by Heats/Times (HDW – Heats Determines Winner);
In Walk Race events, it’s not allowed to run! Race walking is a progression of steps with a permanent contact with the ground.
If the athlete doesn’t apply that rule and runs ostensibly he will be disqualified by a direct Red Card or Paddle. When 3 Yellow penalties
are shown by 3 different Judges, the athlete is disqualified with a Red Card;

8. In Long Jump event, the Take-off Board shall be a rectangular white and measure 50cm wide and shall be placed nearest (0.5 to 1m)
of the beginning of landing area;
In Relay Races the additional 10m balance zone will not be used by the athletes. Only the 20mTake-over Zone will apply;
10. In Track events the Preliminary Rounds will have a maximum of 8 athletes per race. In Field events a maximum of 12 athletes are
allowed for a Final;
In the Preliminary rounds there will different sets of symbolic medals for the first 3 classified;
12. First 3 placed in the Finals will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.



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